What’s REALLY in your food

What should you really be eating?


What is our food anyways? Is any of it natural anymore? Could it be that most of it is derived from and covered in synthetics, preservatives, toxins, and filled with fillers leading to further health problems? Who decided that aesthetic was more important than nutrients? Who decided that health was less important than profit? Why do we have so many allergies today? Some say it’s because of all the additives in our foods. Additives that don’t need to be there. Why is there wheat in soy sauce? Why is there soy in everything else? Why do Americans add dairy to everything? Do we even know what’s in our milk? Hormones, fats, puss, blood, hair, dirt, and other stuff. Since when is it natural for animals of another species to steal the lifeblood of babies?

What is SPAM anyways? Why do we have to advertise 100% beef on meat these days? Why do puff out our chests with pride when we flaunt that our product is GMO free, gluten free, nut free, soy free, vegan, organic, and locally grown? Shouldn’t foods be that way already? Has our impression of food sunken so low that we except that others have messed with, modified, and added to our once pure and healthy foods?

What are Oreos made of anyways? Did you know they’re vegan? If there’s no dairy in them, what’s the white stuff made from? Do we want to know? Why are more and more of our children developing sicknesses to foods and things in our environment? Why are our immune systems so out of whack? What are we adding or taking away that wasn’t here 40 years ago? Aren’t we supposed to be getting better with medicine and discovering new cures for diseases and sicknesses? If we’re so advanced, why are more and more people getting sick from things that we never used to mind?

What’s in a chocolate cake these days? Eggs, soy, dairy, wheat to say the least. Those are HALF of the top 8 allergens. That cake doesn’t sound so good anymore. Or maybe we just don’t care. Why should we pay attention to what’s in our foods anyway? It’s too scary knowing exactly what we’re consuming. Ignorance is bliss.

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