Artificial Plant

Artificial Plant                                                                            Plantae faux

Whether it’s agriculture, landscape surrounding our homes and throughout our communities, or greenery brought indoors, humanity has long known the benefits of plants.  An environmental scientist, Dr. B.C. Wolverton, who conducted air quality studies for NASA over 20 years, proved that bringing plants into our homes not only has a soothing aesthetic value, but plants can remove harmful contaminants and a purify the air.  But the thing about plants is that they require time and a certain level of commitment to their health and at least a base-level of knowledge as to now to grow them.  But in our non-stop busy lives, very few of us have the time to worry about keeping indoor plants alive.  Plantae faux, artificial plants, takes that worry out of your life.  Granted, you won’t have the benefit of greater air quality, but with air fresheners and AC, surely all you really need is a nice, perpetually green plant in the corner you can mostly ignore and just dust every once in a while.




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