Filling the Void

Filling the Void                                                                                                  Fartim Inritus


Upon the arrival of my new apartment, the bare white walls gave the place a feeling of emptiness, lacking the warmth that a home would have.  Slowly adding furniture and knick-knacks, while making the space physically less empty, the overwhelming whiteness that remained untouched still took over the place.  The answer was to place paintings on the walls and after painting a series that hung around the house, I began to feel a sense of ease.

Looking through the series, I never realized the consistent overlying theme of nature that I chose to paint.  Without thinking, I instantly tried to fill the void with images that made me feel comfortable, images found in nature.  From trees to owls, the paintings were simplified silhouettes but nonetheless created a figure or presence strong enough to affect the mood in the space.


– PS

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