The Friendly Spider

The Friendly Spider                                                                             Familiaris Spider


“Look, he’s crawling up my wall, Black and hairy, very small, Now he’s up above my head, Hanging by a little thread…”

Shout “spider” within a group of people and guaranteed at least one if not most expressions will evolve from common complacency to shock to outright fear and lastly, complete disgust.  Until the moment they hear the “stomp” from crushing the spider into the ground, they will remain unsettled.  When did the image of spiders turn into that of an enemy, one of which through its sighting will lead to a swift and meaningless death?

Here a small girl is being rewarded in the form of tickets for “stompin’” on spiders. Once she steps on a flashing red light, representing the presence of a spider, there is the rewarding sound of a “crunch”.  The more she stomps, the more she kills, the more she wins.

“Now he’s dropped on to the floor, Heading for the bedroom door, Maybe he’s as scared as me , Where’s he gone now, I can’t see…creepy, crawly, creepy crawly…”

–  Boris the Spider, The Who


– PS

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