Chair Safari

Chair Safari                                         Cathedra forma animalis


Take a seat and immediately transport to the rough and tumble world of a rugged African safari. Experience rich landscapes and fierce wildlife, complete with leopards and tigers. Oh wait, tigers don’t live in Africa. Well, this journey isn’t exactly happening.

Stand up and notice even the animals take a moment to smell the roses, or at least inhale the sweet scents of their surroundings. Breathe in deeply and savor the aromas of your home. It’s this morning’s egg and bacon breakfast mixed with rotting garbage masked by fragrant candles. But sitting back down on the safari chair distinctly smells of another world, another place with its own natural essence. With feet planted firmly on carpeted ground, this excursion lasts long enough to feel the Equatorial heat and wipe sweat dripping down the back of your neck. The smiling leopard just escaped a lion’s kill.


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