Mallard Clan

Mallard Clan                                      Gens Anas platyrhynchos

Most likely, you recognize this duck. It is one of the most common to grace our ponds, lakes and rivers. It dabbles in the waters, searching for food on the surface rather than taking the deep plunge into a chillier unknown. Whilst sunbathing anywhere from the Americas to Europe, Asia and beyond, it can easily be attracted to closely related species and perhaps even mate with them to form fully fertile offspring. This trait explains the various mutations seen above in this Mallard clan.

From Anas gumballus to Anas patella, hybridizing these ducks can be delightfully useful and decorative. Allowing the Mallards to move about in a diverse grouping significantly increases their productivity not to mention one’s enjoyment of these curious ducks. The next time you are in the market for a pet duck, consider the benefits of multiple and don’t just settle for one when a clan’s versatility will improve your everyday life.

Afraid of constantly losing spare change? Or how about fretting over how to keep napkins from blowing all over the table? Have piles of books that just keep falling over? Remember, the clan and simplify your life!


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