Sprouting Pencils

Sprouting Pencils                                                                                             Plantae Scribens


There are certain accomplishments in life that stay with you forever.  Winning a high school football game, finishing a marathon, overcoming your fears, graduating from college, or maybe for once you managed to keep from losing a pencil long enough for it to no longer be useful.  While there’s still no doubt you’re more likely to lose this special writing utensil before you’re done with it, Sprout Pencils offers you a new use for those heavily worn, tooth marked sticks.  Instead of throwing away your useless pencils stick them deep into the soil and watch as seedlings sprout.

What better way is there to spread a little plant life then by using the dead, super-processed husk of a tree?  No longer is doodling daisies the closest your pencil can get you in touch with Mother Earth, with sprout you hold the potential life of a flower, vegetable, or tree between your fingertips.

At the very least users can find a warm feeling in the thought that those missing #2’s may turn that garden path where it fell from their pocket into a picturesque flower bed


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