Oxygen Injections



Oxygen Injections


Take a deep breath.  Hold it in.  Count to three. Release.  The simple act of taking a breath is considerably the most profound sign of life on planet earth.  From fish, to trees, to microscopic bacteria, everything breathes.  Breathing relaxes us, breathing can delight us, and breathing limits us.  A cheetah can only run so fast as its lungs can sustain, a fish can’t survive out of water, and a human being can only venture so far out of its realm as their ingenuity can supply fresh air.

Recently developed by Boston Children’s Hospital, a new serum that hyper-oxygenates blood upon injection may have unforeseen consequences for the development of mankind.  How can an Olympic runner compete with his peer who doesn’t need to breathe to sprint their race?   Could this be the first step towards supplying the necessary ingredients of life to extraterrestrial explorers?  Or perhaps this new drug will simply produce a culture of stressed out rage-aholics who can’t be asked to take a moment, stop, and breathe.


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