The Tail of Two Lucys

Lucy                                                           Canis familiaris lucia

This domesticated beast, Lucy, is a rare breed. She may be one of the only hounds to straddle the worlds of living organism and inanimate object at the same time. Lucy, in her live and inert states, is a fiercely loyal creature. She will not leave your side or wall unless called upon or severely shaken. Yet, Midwestern earthquakes are seldom that idle Lucy rests against the wall for most her days. She keeps watch over the house, takes the job of leash-holding extremely seriously and gets especially excited when her living and breathing self disappears into the unknown for walks. While the two forms of Lucy experience the same joy and anticipation, one remains motionless as the other’s tail vigorously whips back and forth at the slightest mention of a trip outdoors. Feeding can be challenging for the two, as no competition on who will win exists. In fact, one only dreams of opening her jaw wide as the other furiously inhales and begs for more. These two may seem vastly different when comparing capabilities but they are indeed the same being. One life, two forms. Something most of us could only hope for. For Canis familiaris lucia, being in two places at once is as easy as pie.


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