Web Nature

Web Nature                                                                                                           Naturae textus


A quick Google image search of “nature” reveals the images above. Most provide an ideal sense of nature that we as city dwellers typically do not engage with on a daily basis; therefore, dreaming of this enchanted moment might be all we have. Maybe our only encounters with “nature” occur through a screen, a quick thirty second glance at a Google image search quite like this one possibly is all some of us ever want to do with nature. Or, it could be that there are those of us living in the bustling city but longingly fantasize the next opportunity to escape into the wilderness. A wild only moderately manipulated by humans; one that allows us to believe we are still exploring uncharted territory.

Upon further investigation of these images though, there is another type of nature depicted in this search. There seems to be some fascination with a natural world in which fairies and mythical faces appear within these settings. As Linnaeus and other early naturalists believed there was a divine ruling over nature, perhaps these images also link to some type of higher power at work in nature. Otherwise, it might be that we have lingering romantic notions of an “untouched natural world” in which humans do not belong but somehow contemporary fairies and Greek gods can frolic all they want and we will watch with eager anticipation at having a chance to join in the action.

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