The Great Hedge of India

The Great Hedge of India                                                                                                             Hedgimus Maximus

We have heard of man’s desire (or right, as some may claim) for dominion over nature. We have also heard of man’s desire for dominion over man. Well, here is an early example of man’s dominion over man – via nature:

The British East India Company mined for salt in the dried-up sea beds of India, and also collected taxes on the salt. In the early 1800s, they built a barrier and customs houses to collect the tax and prevent salt smuggling. The barrier was over 2,000 miles long and at one point was staffed by as many as 14,000 men. The “great hedge” barrier was 12 feet high and 10 feet thick of impenetrable thorny brush. Some compare the hedge to the Great Wall of China and speculate that it could have been seen from space. However by the 1870s the hedge was abandoned, though it is reported to have been successful in its anti-smuggling efforts.

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