Biodegradable Pen

Feel good about how biodegradable this pen apparently is… about how you’re saving the earth and mother nature and your future children. Live in ignorant pride thinking you’re doing something good…or put your analytic skills to work.

Pull the pen apart. Notice the plastic ink cartridge? That’s not biodegradable. Notice the metal pen tip…well that’s not biodegradable either. While we’re focusing on the innards, realize that the metal springs, ink itself, and plastic clip to make the “click” noise upon pressing the top are all not biodegradable. Oh! But wait! There’s more!

The blue plastic nub at the end you click  is basic plastic. Looking at the casing, you notice all the light green material. The rubber grip at your fingertips isn’t biodegradable…actually its quite wasteful as its useful life is pretty much over after this application. See that light green clip for attaching the pen to a notepad or paper? That’s not biodegradable either. So what’s left? …An off-white casing that makes up less than half of the total product.


That’s all the contribution that pen is doing for the world. All the other stuff is going into landfills still. Oh, and Papermate forgot to mention that this pen and its amazing casing does not sell refills if you decided you wanted to continue using the same casing. Why would they? The more biodegradable pens you buy, the more money for them. So save the world…by creating more waste… in the name of “good” economic policy.

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