BIgfoot Researcher Wanted

Bigfoot Researcher Wanted                                       Homo Caudatus Inquisitorem Voluerunt


If you thought the search was over, well boy were you wrong!  Finally, what is possibly thought to be included in Linnaeus’s third species of man, or homo caudatus listed in Systema Naturae, can be identified and analyzed.

One lucky applicant will have the chance to join the ranks of Bigfoot field researchers scattered sporadically around the world.  On Craigslist, one will be able to find this posting for a research assistant who is “primate-lover with an open mind and a (preferably) four-wheel-drive vehicle”.  By joining this non-for-profit organization in Whitehall, New York, you will be able to be involved with “the tracking, documenting, and study of cryptozoological creatures”.   Some of your responsibilities will be to “investigate, document and interview individuals with reported Bigfoot sitings [sic],” in addition to “occasional travel to remote areas of Adirondacks including spending several nights in the wilderness, checking motion cameras, collecting hair and dung samples for laboratory analysis amongst other related activities.”  If you have a deep interest in the study and search of bipedal primitive apes, then don’t hesitate to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity continuing the works of Linnaeus himself!

In other news, a local Russian government has funded excursions to find the country’s snowy wildman, the Yeti.

– PS

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