Robot Farmers

Robot Farmers                                                                                                          Robot Agricola


From disaster turns to innovation as Japan’s mega disaster earthquake and tsunami left an unfertile farmland in desperate need of revitalization.  The deployment of a band of robot farmers is the nation’s answer in their new “Dream Project”.  Robot tractors would be capable of planting and harvesting fields in addition to boxing up the crops ready to go with fresh rice, wheat, soybeans, and fruits and vegetables.  The $52 million plan presented by the agricultural ministry is to be undertaken over the next six years.

This is just the beginning of the fully-automatic robot farmer revolution.  Currently scuttling around Japan are packs of robots, joining the hundreds of thousands of them already taking over in American, Asian, and European factories.  Soon enough you will be able to get fresh robot-picked produce at your local grocer!

– PS

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