Ant Farm

Ant Farm                                                   Ager pogonomyrmex  

Entomology meets anthropomorphism.  Confine a small colony of harvester ants to a small plastic farm and watch them dig.  They’ll create tunnels under tiny little green silos and barns and when they meet briefly at the cross-paths, they’ll touch antennae and you’ll be convinced they’re having deep communication – certainly more than just “move, tunnel, eat, dig.”  Surely these creatures in this plastic farm are working for some purpose … Surely the ant farm is an educational exercise to help us better understand the ant.  But the colony’s life span is short in captivity without a queen and one by one they die.  The ant farm is cleaned, put away and forgotten.  The ant is once again ignored in our day to day lives, a pest to be trampled, its wonder lost.


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