Lawn    Altho…


    Although it was once a predominantly tall growing plant which grew along a mix of other non-woody flora, the grasses we are now accustomed to make up a very different sort of habitat–or rather lack there of.
    Since the fifteen hundreds human progress has shifted grass from being a pesky wild-growing plant into its opposite. It is now part of a system by which to stop nature from creeping onto our well maintained properties. The origin of the word “lawn” (coming from the Celtic “llan,” meaning “enclosure”) is quite fitting in that our lawns are used to fill in the negative space left on one’s property after a building is placed. It’s used to ensure low bio-diversity as well as a dense root base in order to choke out any life other than its own, keeping your home safe and protected from any pesky nascence that may test the borders of your land.

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