Casa viridis

Green Residence                                                                             Casa viridis







Sublime v. beautiful in a South Korean Green Residence.

When visiting neighborhoods of the world the observer is attuned to the varying conceptual styles of the home.  In South Korea, the conception of ‘Green Living’ has taken one step further to be the world’s premier residence for sustainable housing.  In Edmund Burk’s, A Philosophical Inquiry he described a design that is vast only by its dimensions, as always being the sign of a common and low imagination, ultimately not attaining a sublime designation.  The Casa viridis however, is more than vast in its dimensions and I believe Burk would consider it sublime.  The project tackles a multitude of issues arising from the issues of modern society; design aesthetic, ecological materials, sustainable living, etc.  It is vast in every aspect.  No detail or function left undone.  This example of the sublime might just be the beginning of what is to come with sustainable/green living.  The Casa virdis might just become the next ‘cookie cutter’ house developers turn to when constructing new development projects.  Certainly it is a model house to learn from and apply to new designs and constructions.


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