Compre Classifique                                                        Compre Classifique





As a society we constantly seek ways to enhance or improve our day-to-day lives.   Weather for pleasure or to improve our minds, it is inherent in our nature.  The dawn of the Internet embodied both ideals.  Classification takes a modern approach with the inception of Ebay. Online shopping meets taxonomy where the consumer is able to search for goods using Class, Order, Genius, Species, etc.  One can search a broad range of goods via Class, or narrow their search down to a specific species, e.g. Apple iPhone 4 4GS.  The layperson unknowingly participates in one of the world’s oldest professions.  Dating back to 3000BC when Shen Nung, the Emperor of China tasted plants to learn their medicinal values and documented his findings. Fast-forward to 2012 and we are applying the field in new ways.  What will the future hold, only time will tell.


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