Discovery                                                                                                        Novo Inventus

….consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but IN HAVING NEW EYES. (-Marcel Proust)

(Marketing blurb)   The living wall…provides connection to nature…provides tranquility to the space…provides background sounds with its unending water flow…provides a variety of colors and textures…provides the ability to change species and reflect the change of season…..

(Back at the Lab…)   The living wall…provides a bio-filter for the hermetically sealed interior architectural spaces… provides extraction of noxious indoor contaminants via the foliage, root and water flow pathways…plants can be abated and new ones inserted easily…

When reality is the illusion, and the illusion is reality.  When we base our reality on a cursory glance of material elements, we can be left with a sense of uncertainty.  Our lives are permeated by images, which are often manipulated by marketing tactics and campaigns.  The strick reliance on what we see as reality may not be a complete representation.  Both reality and the illusion are intertwined to form something new to be encountered and revealed.

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