Falsus Flora

Scented Plug-In                                                        Falsus Flora







The all powerful human has done it again.  Science meets nature with the Scented Plug-In.  Designed for the human tired of fragrancing ones home using the dated ‘fresh cut flower’ method.  These stimulating devices bring the likes of ‘Clean Linnen’ and ‘Midsummers Night’ to life.  Simply plug in and enjoy the freshness for as long as your attention span allows.  Once its contents are exhausted, simply refill its sweet nectar with yet another appeasing aromatic.  The scented plug-in’s shape is uniquely designed to mimic natures most precious aromatics and humans flock to these devices as a bumblebee would to a honeysuckle.  Scented Plug-Ins give the human piece of mind that their dwelling is unpolluted and ready for visitors.



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