Nyssa Chiaplantis

Chia Pet                                                       Nyssa Chiaplantis






Cha-cha-cha-chia.  Gardening meets the home with the Chia-pet.  This miniature garden and ornament hybrid makes planting fun for all ages.  Upon contact with water, chia-seeds develop a gel-like cocoon, which makes it sticky and easy to spread over any surface.  No Grey Gardens here, in just a few short weeks you can watch as your terra cotta rabbit transforms from a meager statue to a lush green garden.  Forget your fancy allees or impeccably manicured hedges, Nyssa chiaplantis is the easy to grow garden for your home.  It can also be placed in your garden as an accent piece.  This versatile gem is sure to get the crowd talking.  Kids love it and adults reminisce of their childhood when their parents bought them one.  Conquer nature and watch your chia plant grow.  It sure beats watching water boil or waiting for paint to dry.






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