Protein Shake                                                                Replace-a-Meal






One of our body’s main building blocks, protein, has taken a new form with the rise of the protein shake.  For millennia mankind has gotten this vital nutrient from whole foods.  Nowadays, you can get your entire recommended intake in one simple drink.  They can be composed of Whey, Soy, Egg, or Hemp proteins (to name a few) and come in all flavors so there is certain to be a shake for any palate.  With more and more foods being ultra processed and genetically altered, it is surprising that most health officials deem these artificial sources of protein as being good for you.  I cannot argue as I myself succumb to the branding being pushed upon me by health clubs, media, and society.  We live in an age where health and fitness, and what we put into our bodies is ‘in’ and to not take every measure necessary to ensure a healthy life/lifestyle is frowned upon.  So next time you are hungry, why not skip your meal and run to the nearest convenience store and grab an ice cold protein shake from the fridge.  I’m sure your body will think you.  At least I hope it will.


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