Stone Hand

Stone Hand                                                                         stan hond phenomenology

Philosophers and Ploughmen
Each must know his part,
To sew a new mentality
Closer to the heart.  – G.Lee

Respect for our earth comes from our understanding of it and our personal relationship to it.  Materials honed from the earth reflect mans’ ability to harness the earths’ resources, (our cultural production);   more importantly perhaps, as architects of our environment, it assists our need for creative expression and in turn, allows for greater potential.  This potential can be raised when we work materials by hand.  What we now often describe as “manual labor” might once have been proudly called “craftsmanship”.   The time and attention paid produces a specific intelligence or knowledge of said material, and hones ones relationship to that earthen material.  Not only does it provide a rudimentary way to connect with the earth, but the inspiration it can impart embodies the potential of a spiritual quality.

Herein displayed is a wandering stone river: an example.  Days upon days of meticulous attention to connections and joinery of a seemingly indelible material.  The human hand is afforded a personal sensory indulgence and  immeasurable learning, if the commitment is given.  Above and beyond that experience, if well articulated, we can impart some part of that sensory experience to others.  Are we, as shapers of the environment, willing to take on such a commitment, paired with our own interests, in the hopes of understanding these materials?  Or will the ink & paper ‘designs’ suffice?

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