Tremulous Cawe

Scarecrow                                                            Tremulous Cawe







What better way to protect your vegetable garden than with a scarecrow, right?  These mystical figurines have been scaring off pests for centuries.  He appears as early as 700AD in Japanese mythology, referred to as Kuebiko the god of agriculture and knowledge who cannot walk, but knows all.  Today, the scarecrow has fallen out of favor in the fields, only to be replaced with more modern approaches of determent.  However, much like St. Nick or the Easter Bunny, the scarecrow still makes an appearance in the fall.  Alongside the pumpkin, he is an emblematic figure of the fall season and graces doorways and front lawns declaring the end of summer and autumn’s arrival.  With the dawn of the ‘green’ movement, who knows, maybe Tremulous cawe will make his comeback as an alternative to more environmentally harmful methods of protection.

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