3D Art

3D Art



Man changes the perspective with 3D art.  What a way to welcome guests into a private or public space with this new take on a sidewalk and chalk classic.  There is no limit to what can be done.  Diversify your space with 3D art; floor, wall, or ceiling- any space can be transformed to alter your perspective of space and place.  These works are rooted in the sublime and picturesque beauty.  They encompass difficulty, infinity of space and succession.

Would the gardener reject these paintings? Are they weak in conveying the ideas, which they excite? [Whately, Observations on Modern Gardening p.294]  As a garden elicits ideas to transport those inside its boarders into another realm, 3D images can have powerful effects on the viewer as well.  Whether designed for an individual or large audience, both 3D paintings and gardens represent picturesque beauty through their dimensions and representations.

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