Earth Scar

Earth Scar                                                                                                                               Terra Cicatrix


Located in Canada in what is referred to as the North Slave Region, the Diavik Diamond Mine has come to be among some of the largest Earth scars.  Hollowed from an eight square meter island is this jaw-dropping open cast mine.  From the website of Diavik, they claim to strive to be Canada’s top diamond producer by “creating a legacy of responsible safety” and “using resources wisely” while they continue to work it what they even describe as “one of the most untouched and ecologically sensitive environments in the world”.  The natural habitat surrounding the intrusive mine is home to caribou, wolverines and bears, as well as fish and bird life within the surrounding waters of Lac de Gras.  While they recognize the significance of this land, also inhabited by Aboriginal people whose habitat is essential to their traditional lifestyle and survival, they continue to pick away at this large open wound taking the natural resources that they would obviously go to great lengths for.  But not to worry the Diavik Diamond Mine has “minimal environmental effects on the environment and [makes sure] that its operation fits in with the needs of local communities”.

– PS

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