Eleven Minute Line

Eleven Minute Line                                                                                      XI Minute Linea


Within a cow pasture remotely located in Sweden, extending to lengths of 1600 feet long and reaching heights of 12 feet is a man-made “squiggly line”.  Using nature as her medium, Maya Lin creates this line inspired by the Serpent Mound found in Southeastern Ohio where she grew up.  It is through its historical significance that led to its inspiration as early Europeans who came across it believed that its Native American creators were thought not to be advanced enough to create it.  With this background of expressive work on the Earth, Lin sought to create one herself that explored the dimensionality of a line.  The artist refers to the marking as “somewhere between a line and a walk”.  An expressive act, she drew the line to create an experience within the landscape, a line that easily could have become a signature but chose to have a different purpose on the land.


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