Guerrilla Gardeners

Guerrilla Gardeners                                                                         Hortus subvertere Image: Guerrilla Grafters, San Francisco

If your neighborhood, town or city is slow to plant gardens, consider the work of guerrilla gardeners.  Not willing to wait for bureaucracy to clear the way for official plots of land, they plant gardens in abandoned lots, street medians, and alleyways.  Unwilling to fall in line with their city’s refusal to plant fruit trees, but believing wholeheartedly in the right and goodness of urban foraging, they graft the branches of fruiting trees onto the ornamental trees on sidewalks and parks.  And why shouldn’t it be so?  Why should urban land be considered less than productive?  Expand the usefulness of our cities, back alleys, and abandoned lots.  Take back the land!  Spread seeds, plant fruits and vegetables for all eat!


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