Moto Cuisine

Imitation Meals                                                                                            Cibum Falsum

Having reached an outstanding population count of over 7 billion and with ecological changes sending shock waves through food production systems, human beings must look in new directions to feed the planet’s hungry mouths.  When corn, beef, and wheat no longer manage to be efficient dietary components, where will people turn for food?

Chicago based restaurant MOTO Cuisine is pushing the boundaries on what the nature of what we eat really is.  Former dietitians for NASA these chefs push culinary technology to the limits by making delicious meals from unconventional ingredients.  Beet patties flavored to taste like burgers, edible printed menus that taste like classic sandwiches, and sauces that make anything bitter sweet, all of these are methods utilized by MOTO.

When you can make any ingredient taste like any other what are the limits on what food may become?  Roasted red pepper wrapped in collard greens sprinkled with poppy seeds can look like a Cuban cigar and taste like a Cuban sandwich with enough know-how and creativity.  While you still may be wise to question whether that chicken taco is really made with chicken, maybe ingredient replacement is the way of the future.


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