Tattoo                                         Cutis atrament












Humanity has long decorated itself with tattoos.  Since Neolithic times, the practice of modifying the skin for purposes ranging from the spiritual to the purely aesthetic have been a part of most of the world’s cultures.  Taboos vary from culture to culture as to what is acceptable; the concepts of beauty as they relate to ink forever layered in the dermis are as varied as our many cultures and have changed throughout time.   A modern man of the Anthropocene very rarely anymore inscribes runes on his body in the belief that he will gain Strength, Fertility or Power, but the concept of individuality carries it’s own weight.  As the world’s population grows steadily higher, and more and more people live in close proximity to each other in urban environments, the idea of personal identity begins to take on a deep importance.  While the decision to become tattoo’d may occasionally be a rash one, for many modern people, it is a deeply personal and meaningful art rendered on the canvas of their bodies.

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