EcoFriendly Coffin

Biodegradable Coffin 



Are you a great eco-friendly person? Did you devote your entire life trying to save the environment? If you are and endlessly want to be environmentally friendly even after your death, this is a great creation for you. This product, the Eco-pod coffin, will accompany you even after your death!

This coffin is purely made from recycled paper and the finishes are made out of mulberry bush and recycled silk! There are two options for the inside finishes. If you want to be a bit fancy, you can choose feather lined options. The coffins come in two sizes, so even if you are a giant person, you will still be able to fit in it! Plus, there are four colors to choose from.  You can choose your own style.

Sadly, there is one depressing fact in regards to purchasing this item; it is only sold in the UK. But if you are passionate enough about being environmentally friendly, why not ship it all the way from the UK? 

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