Green Totes

“Green” Totes                  


I’m sure everyone has seen or possesses at least one of these bags, the “Eco-Green Bags”.  Instead of getting plastic bags when you shop, you should use this bag to save the environment. Colored in green and designs related to the nature imprinted on them, it really promotes the ‘eco-friendliness’ of the bag. And yes, of course it does, because switching to this bag can help reduce the number of plastic bags. The “Eco-Green Bags” is sturdier and hardier than plastic bags so you use it a number of times.

Although the name of the bag is “Eco-Green”, from a different view, the bags can turn out to be “Un-Eco-Green” bags, sadly. When the bags first started off as free handouts, the bags ended up being well promoted. As soon as the industrial companies put eyes on them and started to sell them for profit, it resulted in overproduction. Customers buy them because of its purpose and designs, but since the bags are everywhere now, they also get thrown away. It is very ironic how the purpose of the “Eco-Green” bags can result in the opposite of its name.

Are bags really helping the environment or not? That probably depends on how you see it.

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