Liger                                                                           Panthera cultivatis

Panthera cultivatis, or the Liger is humans cross between a Lion and a Tiger.  This super hybrid can reach over 1,000 pounds!  The Liger represents man’s dominance over nature in the fullest extent.  As Allan Beardsworth and Allan Bryman wrote, “The powerless are at all times subject to the gaze of the powerful.”  (Tourist Studies,v.1, 2001, p.88) Was this creature created for a purpose? Is there some underlying notion for conservation and education in viewing such an animal?  As the zoo and wildlife preserves evolve over time, one fact remains static – how can they remain profitable?  Without money these places to visit would not exist.  They and their exhibits have to evolve to capture an audience.  The Liger is a prime example of such an attempt to generate revenue and viewership.  Is this approach appropriate?  Some would agree, others however, would not.  Surely either way, to see such an animal is certainly an incredible experience if not for its sheer size but for its mythological qualities and nonexistence in the wild.

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