Fairy Gardens


Pixies Hortis

The hottest craze in gardening right now is the procurement of tiny plants and structures to arrange them in so called ‘fairy gardens’. The aptly named gardens refer to a landscape within a landscape, often with genetically selected or modified plants that can cost 3x as much as its normal sized cousin.

The hand of man is again at work controlling its environment; this time for the sheer domination of scale. These extreme variety of dwarf species hold no significant value or utilitarian use to the landscape except pure aesthetics. It is near impossible to even comprehend any sort of sublimity in something that can easily be squashed with the placement of an errant hand, let alone try and associate it with a picturesque painting. Details become lost at this scale for this author’s Lasik repaired eyes.

The whole idea strikes me as silly. In our current climate of responsible landscapes, ‘fairy gardens’ are perpendicular to the views and values of sustainable ‘green’ gardening. A focus of pure aesthetics reminds one of a monoculture in which their endgame can only be collapse, failure, or most likely in this case, fading out. However, that fade out needs a catalyst, and I aim to be that spark.


Anecdotal source

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