Wooden Carpet


Material itself and our presumptions about it. I like to switch properties and meanings and pose questions like: Can a hard material be liquid or soft? I look at everyday objects around us and try to rethink their function or imagine hybrids between them.” –Elisa Stroyzk

Elisa Stroyzk, a German design student, produced a rug that is made of wood-veneer offcut. All the geometric shapes are either laser-cut or hand cut and glued together. Some of the pieces are soft; some of them are hard. Elisa wanted to see how the materials can change their properties and its function.


Elisa said, “In the future, we have to deal with more waste and less resources, be more aware of their lifecycle of materials. Yes, indeed, we are short on wooden materials. Since we have cut down so many forests, we have to be careful with how we use wood. However, does this mean we should “functionally” use wood as an uncomfortable rag that we cannot really use? Investigation of materials could help the future of technology. But how does this “rag” help the future? How can we cut down on resources while still utilizing all the materials, with no waste? 

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