Chickenosaurus …

Chickenosaurus                                                                                                                             Gollusaurus



    As a child of the nineties I have long held a grudge against Micheal Crichton and Spielberg for promising a science to deliver dinosaurs to my doorstep and leaving nothing but a paperback and a VHS. The answer to reviving these monsters of the ancient past, it seems, is not locked in the age old amber-cast mosquitoes but inside of the beas’s offspring itself. Modern day scientists have taken the all-too-common chicken and began to tweak at its genes in an attempt to switch back on those which it once used in a former life.
    So far the genes which induce the growth of teeth (pictured above) as well as the ability to give chickens sharp talons have been found. Next on the list? The trademark Velociraptor tail. But these men of [mad]science don’t plan to stop only at the creation of a massively more entertaining type of cock-fighting but hope to learn enough to eventually pass this knowledge onto human usage. These studies may allow us to correct “genetic mistakes” which cause deformity and other human disorders. 
    In the end Creighton may be right about one thing, “Nature finds a way.”

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