Climbing Treadmill

Climber’s Treadmill                                                                               Petraslide Artificiales


The drive to conquer mother nature has always drien mankind to great feats.  The most treacherous mountains on the planet have been summited and the adventure the climbers brought back wit hthem they readily passed onto the American consumer.

Rock Climbing walls have for years been a staple in gyms and recreation centers across the nation.  Fantastically colored plastic moldings shaped into various difficulties of handholds are drilled into a wall to simulate the challenge of scaling a cliff face.  Even more removed from the realm of the natural climbing treadmills are now being produced.

First the careful probing for fingerholds is removed from the experience, and now even the soaring heights are eliminated from the process of rock climbing.  With the invention of the tread climber it would seem that the last vestige of our adventuring predecessors has been excised from the experience.  The act of climbing has been removed from the world of nature entirely.


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