Feed them well, Eat them well.

Feed them well, Eat them well. 


Do you love to eat? Do you want to eat something delicious? I’m sure everyone wants to. Even if you pay a bit more, some of them truly want to eat fabulous, mouth-watering food.

These pigs are the great examples of delicious meat. They are not the normal pigs. They are ‘very-well fed’ pigs. They eat Baumkuchen, a traditional dessert throughout Europe, for their meal. Pigs love eating them, and eventually the pigs become tasty. However, it is ironic how pigs are fed well just for humans’ satisfaction. To think about it a different way, it represents the food chain. Humans are on top of the food chain. We do whatever we can to be satisfied. We feed well, and we eat well.

Although it symbolizes the food chains, poor piggies, they have no idea what will happen to their future. They probably think that they are loved and well taken care of, but we just want to make them delicious to please ourselves.

However you look at it, nature is harsh.

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