Strasberries. Grapples. Pluots. What’s next?

Are these fruits created to better fruit population? Rather, I theorize that they were made simply as a test of human ability. Can we modify the world around us? Yes, to an extent. Can we stretch that extent? …Well, it’s worth trying. Who needs a grape flavored apple anyways? Who thought of mixing fruits.

Furthermore, who thought about mixing a domestic cat and a hybrid cat? Savannah cats, though cool looking, are often times abandoned by their owner because they get too big and have a “wild” streak in them still. Though they’re beautiful, they’re not necessarily meant for houses. This, however, still does not stop people from trying to create them.

Cautionary tales of hybrids have repeated throughout history and pop culture, including the infamous Jurassic Park where scientists make hybrids of dinosaurs and frogs.

In the end, the question remains: Just because we have the ability, should we have the right to mess with other life?

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