Last child in…


Last child in the woods                                  Ultimus parvulus in silvis


One of the premises of this book states that we will lose the battle for preservation unless we change the method by which we promote preservation. The author, Richard Louv, focuses on children’s need to get out and interact with nature (beyond just soccer fields and baseball diamonds), and he says that if we don’t encourage this, we will lose natures best defense: the next generation of preservationists. He wants kids to go romp around in the woods, but he believes that the current setup of parks and preserves lacks the level of interaction with nature that kids need. Currently, most follow a ‘take only pictures, and leave only footprints’ philosophy, and while that is a necessary philosophy in delicate ecosystems, it does not need to be applied ad infinitum to all nature preserves. Louv argues that to combat what he terms ‘Nature Deficient Disorder,’ we must foster natural play environments for children which allows them to climb trees, hide in bushes, build forts, catch bugs, etc. Louv concludes that by cultivating the next generation’s active interaction with nature, we promote the long term preservation of our natural areas.

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