Once Tamed

Once Tamed                                                                                       post domituram

The once wild Isar River flows into the Danube and was the highest priority and nurturing source for the adjacent townspeople.  Historically its usefulness included being a transport artery for goods from the Bavarian upland.  In the mid 19th Century the wild riverbed was tamed and channelized into submission to allow for the generation of power and flood control, which included dyke construction.  The withdrawal of water for power caused the water level to fall continuously, causing the previously active transport traffic to be abandoned.  These engineering advancements left the riverbed deteriorated;  the riverbed became low and so narrow that the steep concrete embankments did not allow people access to the, now mere, canal.  The Isar River ceased to be physically visible, entombed in a concrete blanket, and it was all but forgotten by the townspeople.  Its engineering feat became its demise;  it was engineered into disuse.

But time moves on and ideas change.  The new age of political correctiveness and restorative agendas poured in enormous amounts of energy and collaboration with the hope that reconstruction would return the Isar River to a “new “ state of wilderness.  And it has.  The new concern is how to monitor and control the growing populous from destroying the “newly wild’ river again.  Will the lesson of control be fresh enough to avoid debilitating the Isar River again?

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