Cloning Pandas

Cloning Pandas                                                                        Maxime Exquisitis Pandas


.On a mission to save the endangered species, scientist are considering cloning stating that, “China has been exploring every possible means of saving giant pandas…from becoming extinct, even if it means resorting to cloning them.”  Back in 1998, scientist Chen Dayuan introduced this idea and is still moving forward with his mission.  Successfully producing blastocysts through the transplantation of the somatic nucleus from pandas to the enucleated egg cells of rabbits was considered to be “one of the ten biggest achievements of science and technology in 1999.”  Since then, they have experimented on cats, unsuccessfully, as well as black bears with surrogacy, which was successful in becoming pregnant.  At the same time, there has been opposition to saving the endangered species through cloning stating that “cloning goes against nature” while Chen firmly states that “if successful, it is a way to save endangered animals”. In Nature’s Museums, Carla Yanni referred to the controversies of cloning stating that while some believe that because humans are a part of nature and science is the study of nature, if a human scientist clones an animal, that animal becomes natural.  On the other hand, there are also those that believe because the animal is born from a process that is unnatural, the animal is not natural.  Researcher Wang Dajun comments that it is human intervention that is what has led to these problems for giant pandas, therefore, “the most important thing is that we should protect pandas’ natural habitats”.

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