To deny evolution is inane. We have used the benefits and knowledge of the principles of natural selection for centuries even before Darwin’s origin of species. Simply put, our entire food system depends on the principles of natural selection, or in this case unnatural selection. I am talking, of course, about maize.

Maize was originally domesticated by indigenous native populations of central america. Upon the arrival of the europeans, maize was brought back and quickly spread throughout the world and is now the most widely planted agricultural crop in the world.

Originally a grass, maize was repeatedly selected over time for the desired traits of more yield and larger kernels into what we have today. This selective process is at the core of what Darwin was arguing for, albeit not a naturally selective process. in any case the fact that this process is able to be utilized lends credence to Darwin’s argument.

Without the principals of selection first described by Darwin, our food system would be entirely different. We would not be able to make all the starchy fattening foods that we as consumers are gluttonous for. Therefor, it cannot be overstated that maize alone illustrates the importance of the concepts of evolution.



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