Attollit Venale

Developable Acreage For Sale:

Pure, pristine and untapped land with rugged terrain perfect for ATVing,
motorcycling, rock climbing or any other recreational activity you can
imagine. Over 3.57804886 X 1010 available at your disposure to do

whatever you would like. No neighbors to keep you up with their
horrible cacophony, no smelly sewer system, no planes buzzing
over your head (sans the occasional NASA rover), no concrete
jungle! This is what Thoreau was talking about in Walden! Be sure
to bring some sun tan lotion and a winter parka for the balmy 81F
during the day and the cool -225F at night. You get every season
in one day! So don’t delay, pending a psychiatric evaluation and/or
an exorbitant amount of cash, this attractive developmental acreage
can be yours right now!

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