Vertical Safari

Vertical Safari                                                                                                 Verticali Safari

Image According to Dsgn Wrld, Influx_Studio has revolutionized the traditional zoo experience and has brought it to the 21st century.  Instead of driving through wildlife safaris around free-roaming animals, they decided to create the experience in the vertical dimension.  Not only will you be able to experience this “animal skyscraper”, which makes it possible to provide in an urban context, you will be able to watch through an observation wheel!  Driving through nature is too expected these days, now you will be able to observe animals in their own “nature context” while circuiting around the thirty-minute ferris wheel.  Combining the elements of the verticality of a skyscraper, the dynamic nature of a safari zoo, and the attraction of a ferris wheel ride will project to a very wider public in the eyes of the designers.  This proposal for the city of Buenos Aires will take observing animals to a whole other level, literally.  Why visit nature’s creatures on ground level when you can suspend their “natural habitats” hundreds of feet in the air creating an unforgettable time for us visitors.

– PS

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