When we think of animals’ struggle for existence, dinosaurs are the ultimate loser. While they may have put on a serious show and struggled like hell to survive, they just couldn’t cut it. Too bad because if they could have, they certainly would be the ultimate predator. And due to their predatory nature, they definitely did not lose out to other living organisms, so clearly, it was a drastic climate change that gave these beasts a real struggle to stick around. Just to reiterate… they are no longer here, they didn’t make the cut. They failed. Lost out on life. You choose how to put it but bottom line is they are extinct. GONE. So, what? You’re bent out of shape about their departure? Then perhaps you would feel comforted knowing your pooch can dress up like one for Halloween. Or anytime of the year for that matter. You know how we always say, “You are what you eat,” well, maybe it holds true for what you wear as well? Possibly, if your dog dons this costume frequently enough, he or she will become so accustom to it that dinosaur behavior will magically sneak its way into his or her everyday life. Then, you never know, one day you’ll wake up and instead of a that smily little dog, you’ll have a fierce and ferocious stegosaurus waiting at the door to be let outside. Darwin may have said survival of the fittest and really meant survival for the long term but who knows. Dinosaurs might be making a come back and when they do, then we’ll really understand struggle for existence and survival of the fittest on a whole new level.

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