All-weather pap…

All-weather paper                                           Scribere in pluvial



‘Rite in the rain’ are an ingenious way to deal with mother nature. For scientists that need to go out into the field, they don’t necessarily have the convenience of waiting for a sunny day, especially if an experiment is on a tight schedule. It’s great for cataloging notes, drawings or data, and the rain will just bounce off the paper. It’s more portable and affordable than a waterproof laptop. I suppose you could also use it in the shower. This same company also advertises writing utensils. “While a pencil works great on our all-weather products, sometimes you just need a pen. The No. 97 All-Weather Clicker Pen, sold separately, writes on wet paper, upside down and in temperatures from -30F to 250F.” This is perfect if you’ve fallen into a boiling lake, you can still write one last goodbye. 


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