Hamad’s Folly

Hamad’s Folly                                                                                                            Terra Nomen



The seemingly innocent act of engraving our names into the fabric of nature is a common enough occurrence; from knives in tree bark to high water pressure on headstones, people absolutely love seeing their name conquer the passing of time.  Addresses and business names carved in stone surround us and are given no passing thought but a new undertaking outside of the United Arab Emirates stretches this idea into the realm of the sublime.

Sheik Hamad bin Hamadan Al Nahyan of the Emirate’s ruling body invested a huge sum of money in a great engineering feat, the carving of a vast artificial river in the form of his name which would be visible from space.  While (fortunately) the project has been terminated over a loss of funding, it’s remnant seems nature’s humorous exclamation over the ego of humanity.  Human whim has for centuries dictated the form of the natural realm and will continue to do so, but surely we can agree to draw the line at terraforming our John Hancock.


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