Dream World


‘Dream comes true’.

Living in a very hectic world, people sometimes want to escape to a place where all the fairy tales come together. Occasionally, everyone wants to spend their time in a world without any interactions between their realities. Especially for girls, fairy tales are something that they have always dreamed of; they want to feel like as if they are princesses.

To make their ‘dream comes true’, Disney Company created wonderlands. Tokyo Disney World in Japan is one of the worlds Disney Company created for everyone to enjoy the world that they can’t feel in the reality. By visiting Disney’s magical world, you can interact with the “princesses”, even with the “princes”, who you cannot interact in the reality. One sad thing about Tokyo Disney World is that since the world was built on top of reclamation, the world is slowly sinking. During this summer, the Tokyo Disney World had to be shut down for days due to the water entering the place.

‘Dream comes to the end’. Even the world is full of ‘dreams’, the world itself is still a human creation. The characters in the Disney world are all fake. The world is full of fakeness but people still enjoy the world because the world is something you can never have in your reality. Even in their reality people accept fakeness if those fakeness are the good for them. Fakeness is sometimes inevitable for our nature in order to live in healthy lives.   


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