Mind Control


There is always a special character you grew up with when you were a child. For most of the Americans, a character from Sesame Street, such as Big Bird, would be a great example of a favorite childhood character. Even when you grow up, you still have an attachment to it at some occasions.

Now, your precious childhood buddies are trying to convince you to vote for the right candidate for the election. Recently ‘the giant yellow-feathered bird’ was on his supporting ‘duty’ on Mitt Romney’s campaign. Big Bird, or Elmo has been appearing to campaign ads these days and those mascots have even stood in front of children’s academic buildings to gain supports from adults. 

Even if you know that mascots will not affect your decision, they do attract attentions. Especially if someone is not really serious about the politics but saw childhood buddies, they could swing the voters’ decision. It is a very sneaky and dirty way of mind controlling. People’s mind can change easily and quickly by incorporating something catchy. Not only your buddies, you will never know what would be controlling your thoughts; even the very tiny things can change your mind entirely. You need to know how to doubt or question on whether the choice you made is right.

Especially in professions, if one does not know how to question to the existed theories, calculations, etc, there could have been no evolution. If we don’t question ourselves, we just let people control our minds. Because we ask, we see the changes happening. Always wonder; always try to seek for an answer that we truly want.

Don’t let your ‘buddies’ make up your decision. They might not be your ‘buddies’.  

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